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Retaining Walls St. Louis County, MO | Las Aguilas Contracting

Installing retaining walls whether they are concrete block style or wood ties is work that is familiar to Jose and Las Aguilas Contracting. They can install decorative brick or stone walls also. Their work is detailed from start to finish. They install all types of walls from decorative to larger, longer retaining walls for businesses and properties with expansive hills or landscape needs.

The newer block style retaining walls are more desirable due to their longevity. Wood ties have a life of approximately 15 years and will generally need replacement in places throughout the wall, often times needing a complete resetting of new wood and the dead men that help to hold the wall.

We generally recommend using a more permanent material especially now since the prices of block are more reasonable than ever before. Allow Las Aguilas Contracting to bid your next landscape project!