Kitchen Remodel Kirkwood, MO | Renovations | Las Aguilas Contracting

Increase the value and enhance the usability of your home with a kitchen renovation!

Kitchen Remodel Kirkwood, MO | Renovations | Las Aguilas Contracting

Renovating your kitchen can be a very worthwhile project to both increase the value and enhance the usability of your home. In the current market, remodeling or partially upgrading your existing kitchen could be a way for you make your kitchen more efficient and look and feel new.

Your budget will be the most important aspect in setting the scope of the work. Designs can be simple and can include partial removal of a soffit to allow for larger cabinets or possibly removing just the countertops and installing state of the art granite or handcrafted concrete counters. Marble is another newer material that can be incorporated into your kitchen design. Simple changes can include new handles and knobs as well as possibly installing an island with a second sink for dual use. Opening up walls to have a more open feel may also be an option in your existing kitchen.

The kitchen shown here has been redone for less than $10,000 including the appliances. The cabinetry remained but all the hardware and countertops as well as the appliances we changed to give the kitchen a whole new look.

We have used a number of ways to remove old appliances and cabinetry including The Restore as an environmentally friendly way to reuse functional appliances as well as posting ads on CraigsList or the Freecycle site.

If your budget allows for a complete renovation, we can design a Gourmet kitchen with 42" cabinets and possibly open up and allow for pass throughs or islands to be incorporated. Double ovens are a nice feature as well as top of the line stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

Tile can make a big difference in the look of the kitchen. Using handmade glass tiles on the backsplash or travertine on the floors can be a beautiful touch.

We work with "green" products as well. We have installed bamboo and cork floors. Cork has shown to be a durable and lovely product.

Las Aguilas Contracting works with you to get the most for the money you spend. Our quality workmanship can help you make even a less expensive kitchen look "top of the line".