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Family Room Renovations Ladue, MO | Las Aguilas Contracting

On the left, there is an example of a total renovation of a family room. The entire room was drywalled, taped and mudded and later painted by Las Aguilas Contracting. They put a concrete finish on the fireplace and installed tiles on the hearth. They also installed the sliding glass door and windows to finish the project. New hardwood floors were installed to warm up the room as well. The lighting was changed to recessed can lights.

The clients had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted this room to look like at the end of the project and Jose and his crew allowed their vision to be realized. In this instance as in many others, he worked with the flooring contractor and the lighting contractor and they were able to keep a tight schedule by communicating well with each other.

They kept to the client's budget and still gave them a beautifully finished living space.